Dont Date Me CHORDS by Dodie Clark

[intro :]=====


=====[verse (1)]=====

It’s the day of love

    G                 D
And i guess i’m your date

You partook in a youtube game

But we can call it fate

       G             G7
Cause if this wasn’t manufactured

C             Cm
If it weren’t pretend

G                 F#
Here’s a list of reasons why

You wouldn’t date me again

=====[interlude :]=====


=====[verse (2)]=====

My room’s a mess

I usually dress

Like i am twelve years old

My temper’s bad

I’m always sad

       G                D
I'll complain when i’m cold

I’m usually touring

Usually boring

  C       Cm
Enneagram 4

I'll lose my keys

You’ll never see

My bathroom floor

=====[verse (3)]=====

I cry every day

I’m always late

I chew my pens

I’ve not seen “friends”

Not great with dogs

I monologue

I pick my skin

Drink too much gin

Leave you on “read”

Have a loft bed

Never unpacked

Always jetlagged




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Published : 2018-03-01 04:48:31

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About Dodie Clark

Dodie Clark songs
Dorothy Miranda "Dodie" Clark (born 11 April 1995), stylized as dodie with a lowercase "d", is an English YouTuber and singer-songwriter from Essex. Clark posts both original songs and covers songs on her main YouTube channel "doddleoddle" and her side channel "doddlevloggle". As of August 2017, she has 153 videos, over 1,200,000 subscribers, and over 146 million views on her main channel. She has 334 videos, over 83 million views, and over 675,000 subscribers on her side channel. On 9 December 2016 she released the first video on her Vevo channel, dodieVEVO, where she has over 7.8 million views and 257,000 subscribers. Clark has released two independent extended plays, Intertwined and You, both of which charted within the top 40 of the official UK Albums Chart at numbers 35 and 6, respectively.