Dawning CHORDS by DMA'S

[Intro x2 :] D A G G

[Verse 1 :]
D                      A
What would you do if it came to me
What if it came to you
          D            A
Know I was heavy as this burns me
Why would we have to choose

[Chorus 1 :]
Because in the dawning
You will wait for
For her warning
She was warning

[Verse 2 :]
D            A
I don't know anyone
That's taken this from me
    D                A
I'm lonlier that I've ever been
I'm lonely without you

[Chorus 2 :]
Because it was time for
You to leave me
Are you leaving?
Are you breathing?
Or going out before?
In the dawning
She was dawning

[Break x3 :]
G G D A Em

[Bridge :]
Call this one me
      F#m     D A Em
Is it my trial

A dear wear on me
      F#m     D A Em
It is my trial

Call this on me
And I need more
Are you more
Are you more

[Chorus 3 :]
Cause in the dawning
I will wait for
For her warning
Is she warning?
Or going out before

[Outro x3 :]
   D A
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Published : 2017-10-04 02:17:39

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