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Intro x2:
F#m G D Em A Bm A Bm

Verse 1:
G          Em
Spitting fire back
and forth now
G            Em
Times have changed
in just a few months
G             Em
Neighbors complaining
from the figthing
G          A
Why can't things
be the same
Maybe I'm just a
little bit cautious
of what I gonna
say when I
tell you I can't
live this way
I don't know
what to expect
from someone
who's so insane

            F#m G
Why can't I      get
                D Em
through the night
                   G A
Without another fight
                Em F#m
I'm tired of the hurting
                  F#m G
Is it really worth it
          D    Em
am I all alone again
                  G A
Cause I am kind of feeling
like I'm screaming
       Em    F#m
with my mouth shut
                F#m G D Em
When it's really o   pen
A Bm A Bm

Verse 2:
G          Em          Bm
The only noises in my head
are consumed of your voice
G             Em      Bm
From all the pain and hatred
G    Em Bm
How long can you kick
somebody down before
A          Bm
a foot breaks

( Repeat Chorus )

And I knew that you
would fabricate
the situation
Bm            A
Just for the sake of
our need for attention
I'm sick of always
being the one
to always break down
always melt down
in the end
Oh no
G                A
And maybe this time
It's a sign
That independence and I
are finally catching on
       A            Bm
I don't need you to rely on

( Repeat Chorus )

F#m G D Em A Bm A Bm

      F#m G
    Spitting fire back
    D    Em
and forth now
A            Bm
Times have changed
          A Bm^
in just a few months
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Published : 2017-11-10 21:13:44

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