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[verse (1)]

Come on down from that cloud
         D           G    C  A
And cast your fears aside

You're all here and there
              D       G    C  A
And there's nothing inside

[verse (2)]

May god's will be done
         D        G     C  A
In these poisoned hills

            A        D
And let the devil be cast
    G      C    A
Out on his jail,  hey!

[verse (3)]

            G          Em     A
There was a voice that called me
            D    G     Em  C  A
There was a light that burned me

[verse (4)]

Come on and let's be sure
          D        G   C  A
Let's not pave the way

Your friends have died
And their lives
            G       C  A
They just fade away

Some worked the hills
Some worked in factories
             G          C  A
Worked their lives away

[verse (5)]

And in time
                           D        C  G
You will see your own life fade away

             G       Em   A
There was no time to go back
             G       Em   A
There was no time to go back, come on!

             A     D
They were in hills
They were in factories
            D      G   C  A
They are in graves now

They were in debt to themselves
               D       G    C  A
And what is it made of now?


      G         C           A    D
I go around and feel how it fades
        G         C            A      D
I walk around and i see what's fading
      G           C            A        D
Walk around and you'll see how it fades
      G         C      A          D
Walk around and you'll see what's faded
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Published : 2018-10-30 16:21:48

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