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E                    A         E
I was safely on the run, in fall,
in a city after dark

E                         A        E
  And I found I knew no one, at all,
It took the blood right out my heart,

B                     E       A
  Watched it go from fall to winter
B                     E           A
  falling snow would freeze and splinter
E         A          E           A
me, in a place like this, with someone like you

E  A
E  A
E  A
E  A

E                          A           E
Didn't sleep for days and days, on end,
and the fog got pretty dense

E                        A         E
  Other people like to tell, me they,
had the same experience

B              E            A
  What fucking died in this place
B              E        A
  if I have to see your smiling
E           A     E           A      E
face, on a faded stool, in a faded bar,
        A         E          A         E
acting like the world didn't clearly end,
         A          E         A       E
like we thought it would in another time


E                        A           E
  Think I'd go back to where, I’m from,
I can stumble out of here

E                        A            E
  At least in Minnesota they, don’t run,
and hide this time of year

B                E       A
  Perforate your pretty paper,
B                E         A
  lay it down so we can dance on
E       A              E              A         E
graves, in the frosted dawn, with the ones we love,
         A           E                A        E
some are here right now, and some are gone for good,
          A          E           A
but I can feel them all in this world tonight

E  A E  A E  A E  A E  A E  A E  A E  A
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