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David Jon Gilmour CBE (Born: March 6, 1946) is an English musician who was a member of the progressive rock band Pink Floyd. He joined as guitarist and co-lead vocalist in 1968 shortly before the departure of founding member Syd Barrett.
capo: 1st fret

[verse (1)]

Home and done it's just begun
          D                        Em
His heart weighs more, more than it ever did before
What has he done? god help my son
     D                      Em
Hey, stay a while, i'll stay up
No sugar is enough to bring sweetness to his cup
       D                Em                Bm
I know sorrow tastes the same on any tongue

[chorus (1)]

How was i to feel it
When a gun was in my hands
        C            G
And i'd waited for so long
How was i to see straight
In the dust and blinding sun
       C                   G    D
Just a pair of boots on the ground

[verse (2)]

On the screen the young men die
             D         Em
The children cry in the rubble of their lives
What has he done? god help my son
     D                      Em
Hey, stay a while, i'll stay up
The volume pumped right up is not enough to drown it out
        D               Em                Bm
I hear "Mama" sounds the same in any tongue

[verse (2)]

How am i to see you
When my faith stands in the way
        C              G
And the wailing is long done
How am i to know you
With a joystick in my hand
         C               G   D
When the call to arms has come

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