Till Tomorrow Goes Away Chords

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[intro :]=====

A   A   A   A

=====[verse (1)]=====

I'll have a drink tonight
I'll get to feeling all right
My eyes get chained to you
F#m              E         D
I can't seem to make them do
A                      E
Just what i want to anymore
Bm                                F#m   Dm
If i close them now i'll hit the floor
And the next thing i know
     E            C#m     A
The sunlight's breaking day

=====[verse (2)]=====

If i get the chance to breathe
I'll try to do it with ease
For if too hard i inhale
F#m            E        D
I fear i'll lose the trail
A                               E
Beneath the freshly scattered brush
Bm                    C#m             F#m   Dm
Though it really don't matter all that much
A                           E           A
I guess i'll just have to find another way

=====[verse (3)]=====

I'll lie awake in bed
Going over the things i said
I'd say them all again
F#m      E            D
If i thought you'd spend
A                             E
Just one more night with me alone
Bm               C#m              F#m   Dm
Now i can't even get you on the phone
It's all just a ruse
         E                   A
Like a trick some fool has played

=====[verse (4)]=====

Now the room is spinning 'round
Can't seem to slow it down
If i'm taken by the night
F#m            E     D
Tell my ma i did alright
A                             E
I just couldn't stop all the time
Bm             C#m              F#m   Dm
I just kept standing there in line
A                E           A
Waiting until tomorrow goes away

=====[bridge :]=====

       E                                   A
Just trying to kill some time and make it pay
I go up on the hill
Down on my knees and pray
That someday it will
                   C#m   A
When tomorrow goes a   way

=====[outro :]=====

A   A   Bm   C#m   F#m   E   D   A
E   A   E   A   E   A
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Published : 2018-03-13 19:30:04

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