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Craig Morgan Greer (born July 17, 1964) is an American country music artist. A veteran of the United States Army as a forward observer, Morgan began his musical career in 2000 on Atlantic Records, releasing his self-titled debut album for that label before the closure of its Nashville division in 2000.
no capo!

[verse (1)]

   G                 D
He grew up in a time--
       C              Bm
When a third grade education
     C                  G
Was all the school you needed
   Am                   D
To work the family farm--
     G                  D
He'd take time off on sunday
C               Bm
Him and all his family
Warm a pew
    D                  C    G
And give thanks to the lord--

[verse (2)]

C                Bm
There was no gray--
      Am             G
Only black and white--
       C                  G
Didn't need no one to tell- him
What was wrong or right
              G   C
'cause he had god--
  G     D     G       G D
Fa-mily---and country ---

[verse (3)]

   G                  D
He set aside his plow--
C        Bm
In early 1940
     C                  G
Said goodbye to his small town
        Am                D
And put on the army green--
G                       D
Hard times on the front lines
        C              Bm
Writin' letters on wet paper
    Am                  D
Not one word about the awful
          C      G
Things he'd seen--

[verse (4)]

    C         Bm
His was a generation
     Am                 G
That answered without question
      C                  Bm
They knew they had to win--
                 G        D
'cause they were fightin' for
G   C     G    D    G
God --- fa-mily-and country
Am  Em Bm G C C ( G D )

[verse (5)]

G              D
On the coffee table
C                G
Sits the family bible
      C                 G
Where just last year he added
             Am                 D
A little boy to the family tree--
            G                D
There's the folded flag they gave us
C             G
On the day he left us
        C              G
But the thing that i remember most
       Am          D
Is the way that he--

[verse (6)]

   C     G    D    C       G
In god, family-and country--
Bm  G             C
    oh, we've got god
G      D             G
Family-- and country--

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