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[Intro :]
Eb    Ab    Eb   Ab

[Verse 1 :]
Eb                       Ab
Ev'rything is temporary, God You’re never ending

Eb                                      Ab
Though it seems You sometimes hide, You rise in perfect time

[Verse 2 :]
Eb                             Ab
Bread of heaven, Living Water, God of our salvation

Eb                                Ab
Like a shepherd, You will lead us to the other side

[Pre ChORUS :]
Bb              Eb/G    Ab2
You are who You say You are
Bb              Eb/G    Ab2
You are who You say You are

[CHORUS :]==========
Eb            Eb/G          Ab

[In this moment and forever, You will surely be
Eb                Eb/G          Ab    Bb
Ev'rything You’ve ever promised, You promised
Eb            Eb/G          Ab

[In this moment and forever, all sufficiency

           Cm7 Bb              Ab

[Is who You are,   it’s who You are, You promised

[Verse 3 :]
Eb                                  Ab
Through the valley to the mountain, everywhere we go
Eb                                Ab
Still the clamor, fill the quiet; peace, be still, my soul.
Peace, be still, my soul

[Instrumental :]
Eb  Bbsus/F  Eb/G  Ab2  Bb

[Bridge :]
Eb                       Bbsus/F
  You’re merciful and kind,   You're faithful, good and wise
Eb/G              Ab2  Bb
  Oh, our Father, be exalted
Eb                        Bbsus/F

[Our lives are Yours to keep,   our hearts are Yours to seek
Eb/G            Ab2  Bb

[Oh, our Father, be exalted

[Instrumental :]
Eb  Bbsus/F  Eb/G  Ab2  Bb

[Coda :]
                  Cm7  Bb              Ab2               Eb2
Oh, it's who You are,     it’s who You are, You promised

     Ab2              Eb2   Ab2    Eb2
Yeah,     You promised
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Published : 2018-02-19 03:47:39

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