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[Intro :]
F C Am

F                        G
Is it really that hard to get behind?
The thought of you being mine? I
Drive through the night to come see you
Dm F                  Dm
I know I'm just a memory
Something's pulling and I know it's real
C    F                      Dm    F
Who knows how long we got left? I'm
                  G      Am
I'm building us a bunker, babe
When the fire comes I'll keep us safe
Em              F                Dm
Be the last two people on Earth, oh
F                      Em          Dm
Now I'm prayin' to any of the gods
Dm                                  C
I'm not sleeping 'til my breathing stops
Getting fucked up in my car somewhere, I

    F  G  Am  Em      F
I'm going, going North
    Dm F        C    F  Dm
I'm going, going North, oh

F                G            Am
Where the 61 touches the waterline
Am                                            C
They can look for us but they'll never find you
F                              Dm    F
We're too deep in the green of spruce, hey
Watching movies on a 6 inch screen
Dm                        F
No, this bitch don't take DVDs
F                        Dm
Shit was broke, wouldn't eject
F                      G    Am
I got speakers if you wanna rave
Some records that I'd like to play
Em                               Dm
Make this house our heaven on Earth
F                        Em        Dm
You can leave the city, quit your job
You're the only one I want
C                          Dm
Cooped up in the middle of nowhere

      F  G  Am Em        F
We're going, going North ( we're going )
      Dm    F Em  C    Em  Dm Em F G Am Em F Dm  Em
We're going, going North, oh
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Published : 2017-09-25 15:23:08

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