Frozen Fields Of Snow Chords

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Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G

D               G       Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
I was born some time ago
D            G      Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
In this very room
         D             G          Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
There’s many who have come and gone
D               G    Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Maybe one more soon
D             G       Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Seasons come, seasons go
          D       G    Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Some talking in between
D               G          Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Staring out the window now
    D             G      Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
At all that I have been

D          G            Cadd9      Am
Someone is singing some crazy song
On the painstain radio
   D             G            Cadd9    A7
My hands they are ringing as I gaze upon
These frozen fields of snow

   D            G          Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
My father was a violent man
   D         G   Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
He died in '63
   D                G            Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
My mother broke her silence then
D                G Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
She looked after me

D          G               Cadd9 Am
We dug her deeper well for water
                            Em   D
She told me water makes you free
    G             Cadd9    A7
She lost her only daughter
Her name was Mary-Lee

    D                G            Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
They called me up and threw me in
    D               G      Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
And there I lost my heart
D             G          Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
I forgot where I had been
       D             G    Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Till I wake up in the dark

D                G             Cadd9    Am
I heard her voice saying you’re going home
As my blood begin to flow
   D       G          Cadd9    A7
My mama was calling and beckoning
From the frozen fields of snow

D                      G               Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Something out there is going to ground
      D          G    Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Lying under open skies
D                G             Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Birds of pray are swooping down
D                G    Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Picking out their eyes

D             G             Cadd9         Am
Spring time is coming and is none too soon
I think it’s time for me to go
D         G               Cadd9          A7
I can see color green and poken through
Through the frozen field of snow

   D          G         Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
My secrets are whispering
D             G      Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
In this fading light
D                G          Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
I have killed and I have loved
D               G   Em7 Gsus4/C Em7 G
Time it will decide         
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Published : 2017-06-15 13:49:15

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