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Basic Chords Cityalight - What Love My God

Album: Only a Holy God
Released: 2016


[Verse 1]
            C                    F      C
What love my God would bring you down to earth
                F                    C
What king would take a low and lonely birth
            F                        Am
Yet to this dark and broken place you came
            C          G                C
To sleep beneath the stars that you had made

[Verse 2]
              C                  F      C
What love my God would send the Way of Life
            F                    C
To walk the road, rejected and despised
                F                  Am
That you might know the weakness I possess
          C        G                C
And be my rock of strength and righteousness

        F                  C
O Your love my God like a flood
          G                Am
As heaven opened up pouring out on us
            F                    C
O praise the King who came to the world
        G                C
In his love like a mighty flood

[Verse 3]
              C                  F    C
What love my God could hold you to the tree
              F                    C
To bear that overwhelming debt for me
          F                          Am
The Son of heaven leaves the Father’s side
          C            G              C
The Healer bleeds, the Life was made to die

[Verse 4]
              C      F            C
What love my God, so gracious and extreme
            F                          C
Was strong enough to come and fight for me
              F                      Am
To go through hell and down into the grave
            C      G              C
And raise me up to see you face to face
            C      G              C
You raise me up to see you face to face

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