Capo : 3

C Am Em G
[verse (1)]

C             Am                Em
It's like a song, that no one hears
C          Am     G
Tak ada yang peduli
All i wanna do
            Am                Em
All i wanna do is say i love you
Suara hatiku
           Am        Em
Suara batinku meyakinkanku


  F     G     C
Words don't work
                       Em   F
Feeling like they have no worth
G   C            G
Dirimu takkan pernah tahu


C      Dm F    G          C
Bagaimana  kubisa memulainya
          Dm F      G
Why should i  even try
When obviously
            Em             C
Anganku padamu rasaku terlalu
Buatku tak mampu
               F      G
Say it with a heartbeat
Say it with a


C Am G 2X
[verse (2)]

C             Am             Em
Its like a stage without a crowd
C         Am           Em
Tentang rasa yang kupunya
Suara hatiku
           Am           Em
Suara batinku saling menyatu
All i wanna do
            Am            G
All i wanna do is say i care


F G Am
            C Em F
Di sini ku membiru
       G  Am
Here and now
There's nothing in between


C        Dm F
How could i
F          G              C
Ever describe the way i feel?
          Dm F
Why should i
      G              Am
Even try when obviously

All the words that
I say seem to get in the way
Only wish i could
                F      G
Say it with a heartbeat
Say it with a


F G Am C F G Am G

               C       Am C F Am G
Say it with a heartbeat
Say it with a heartbeat
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