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[intro :]=====

F G   F   G

=====[verse (1)]=====

I am nothing without you
G                    F
  and that breaks me down, down, down
G                    F
  you left me in the worst way
G                    F
  only read what you said
You wouldn't make a sound, sound, sound
F                 G
  wouldn't make a sound, sound, sound

=====[verse (2)]=====

G                F
  didn't mean to hurt you
G               F
  then please explain my broken heart
G                 F
  never meant to exert you
G                    F
  into my life cause now i'm falling a part

G      F                G
  hold me and don't let go
      F           G
Shove me into the road
No one will love me now
G              F
  cause you're all i can talk about

=====[interlude :]=====

G  F    G   F   G   F   G   F

=====[verse (3)]=====

G                  F
  you said i was a great job
G                 F
  good companion, not compatible
G                       F
  never thought that it would stop
G                    F
  never thought that you'd be able to
G                    F
  let me fall in the worst way
G                         F
  you dropped me flat and now i've lost my mind
G                 F
  pushed everyone away
G                     F
  just to make you my priority

=====[interlude :]=====

G   F   G  F     G
    oouh ooow

=====[verse (4)]=====

     F                G
Hold me and don't let go
      F           G
Shove me into the road
No one will love me now
G              F
  cause you're all i can talk about

=====[interlude :]=====

F   G  F    G  F    G  F

=====[outro :]=====

( repeat and fade )
F                C G
  i don't know where i'm going
I don't know who i am
       G                   F
I wish that i felt passion once again
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