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Intro: G G/C G G/C

G                         G/C
In waves of people you can lose your feet
G                              G/C
You’ve got to stay hard to the ground
G                      G/C
It gets so easy now to lose your way
G                        G/C
When you’re ever outward bound
C/F                         C/D
A church bell ringing in the fading light
C/F                              C/D
Stops you dead like a cold steel wall
F/G                         F/C
The ghost of yester-years is touching you
C/F                      G/D
And as sure as god you’ll fall

G       G/C G/A F/D
And I see you
G       G/C G/A F/D
And I see me
G       G/C G/A F/D
I see it all
       G          G/C G/A F/D
Like it used to be


C/F                        C/D
And all the reasons why you started out
C/F                         C/D
They hit you hard with every bell
F/G                      F/C
The choir practice in the empty hall
    C/F             C/D
Is a sound you know so well
C/F                            C/D
Like something lost inside your overcoat
C/F                   C/D
You find it later by mistake
F/G                        F/C
You lost it all a thousand years ago
       C/F             G/D
And you pray it’s not too late

And I see you
And I see me
I see it all like a diary

And I see you
And I see me
I see it all like it used to be

I’m gonna write it in a diary
Now I remember everything
Yeah I remember how it used to be
With every note that choir boy sings

And I see you
And I see me
I see it all like a diary
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Published : 2017-07-03 01:22:37

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