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Basic Chords Chelsea Cutler - Growing Up Is Hard



chordband » Chelsea Cutler » Growing Up Is Hard

capo: 4th fret
C  D  G  C
[verse (1)]
C  threw a mattress on the floor and made a home out of a dDorm room
she got Ca credit card in her name to buy what she couldn't afDford to
Gand now sheC's eighteen, she can barely eat and barely drive
Dmind racing, what's the meanin' of being alivCe?
i don't blame her for not doing anything she was suppDosed to
so much for the yoCung and free
i kEmnow that you Dfeel confused
i'm sorry that it hCurt so much
Emgrowing up isD hard to do
Gyou'll always be a Cpart of me
sweaEmr i'll take better cDare of you
i'm sGorry that it hCurt so much
growEming up is Dhard to do, hGard toC do
C  Em  D  G  C
[verse (2)]
C  rubbing drugs into your gums to prove to your friEmends
Dthat you're a good time, 'til you're crying in the GstairweCll
holding your hair back, wishing you had kept your bEmody to yoursDеlf
can't forget the way it felt
Gso much for thе yoCung and free
Emi know that you Dfeel confused
i'm sGorry that it Churt so much
groEmwing up is Dhard to do
Gyou'll always be a pCart of me
Emswear i'll take betterD care of you
i'm Gsorry that it hCurt so much
Emgrowing up isD hard to doG, hard tEmo do
you drank yourself diDzzy
held in all your seCcrets
took off running naked with a handle in your aEmrms
woke up in a fDever
sweating out your bad deciCsions
couldn't even see straight, but you sDtill got in the Emcar
you tried to be the coDol girl
you know the way that bCoys are
you just wanna talk, but it's your Dbody that he cEmounts
it's snowing up in amhDerst
you don't feel a daCmn thing
everything's a mess when you got noDthing figEmured outD.....C....Em....D.......
you'll always be a pCart of me
swear i'll take better cDare of you
i'm soGrry that it hCurt so much
growing up is hDard.G....C..


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About Chelsea Cutler

Chelsea Emily Cutler (Born: February 1997) is an American singer, songwriter, and producer from Westport, Connecticut. She released her debut studio album, How to Be Human, in January 2020 through Republic Records. It peaked at number 23 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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