[verse (1)]=====

G                       Bm
Please don’t invite me, please don’t invite me

Em           C     Em           D
I wanna be alone, i wanna be alone

G                    Bm
And don’t remind me, please don’t remind me

Em            C     Em           D
I don’t wanna know, i don’t wanna know

=====[chorus :]=====

C       D                Em           Bm
Leave without me because i don’t wanna go

C             D           G  A7
Just add water and let me grow

C       D              Em            Bm
Leave without me, i'll be fine on my own

C         D             G
Just add water, let me go

=====[verse (2)]=====

G                   Bm
I’m feeling salty, but i’m not the sea

C                     Em                          D
I’m fungus in fresh water, cobwebs in your cupboard

G                      Bm
I saw my friends leave after the party

C              Em             D
I wasn’t invited, never invited

=====[chorus :]=====

C       D                Em           Bm
Leave without me because i don’t wanna go

C      D             G             A7
Rather keep my money safe inside my home

C           D              Em         Bm
PLease don't worry i'll be fine on my own

C         D           A7
Just add water, let me go

A7  C  A7  C

=====[verse (3)]=====

G                       Bm
Please don’t remind me, please don’t remind me

Em                     C    Em                D
I’ll sleep until it’s over, fidget and roll over

G                   Bm
And when i wake up, greet me with a hug

Em                 C   Em                 D
A body warm and loving, show me i’m not disgusting

=====[chorus :]=====

C       D                 Em           Bm
Leave without me because i don’t wanna go

C          D           G    A7
Just add water let me grow

C            D              Em         Bm
Please don’t worry i’ll be fine on my own

C            D               Em
I’ll turn the lights off when i go

C        D                  Em
Pay my bills and fold my clothes

C          D       G           A7
Take care of my family and my home

C          D          G
Just add water, let me go

=====[outro :]=====

C      D          Em          Bm
Da da da da da da da da da da da

C     D           G            A7
Da da da da da da da da da da da

C     D           G
Da da da da da da da
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