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G Gmaj7 Em Emadd9 x2

G      Gmaj7
Come so close
Em       Emadd9
that I can feel
Bm             C
Your breath on me

G      Gmaj7
Come so close
Em            Emadd9
that as You bind
Bm                C
these wounds of mine

There is no other place I'd
Em            Bm      D
rather be than here
there is no other one I'd
Em             Bm    D
rather have than You
             Am       Am/G
so if there's anything I hold on-
D B/D#
to anything that
Em       D       C
takes the place of You
            G/B             C
help me let go. Help me draw close
closer to You.
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Published : 2017-06-28 10:48:01

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