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[Verse 1]

                    Dm                        Am
I got a black magic woman, I got a black magic woman
          Dm                                      Gm
I got a black magic woman got me so blind I can't see
        Dm                    A                          Dm
I got a black magic woman she try'in to make a devil out of me

[Verse 2]

                    Dm                        Am
Turn your back on me baby, turn your back on me baby
          Dm                        Gm
Turn your back on me baby don't turn babe
          Dm                    A                          Dm
Turn your back on me baby you might just pick up my magic sticks

[Verse 3]

                    Dm                        Am
Got your spell on me baby, got your spell on me baby
                    Dm                        Gm
Got your spell on me baby turnin my heart into stone
  Dm                    A                        Dm
I need you so bad magic woman I can't leave you alone

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