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Em                                        G                                     Am
What’s that bottle you got hiding friend,.. between the Maker’s and Jack..? Can you do me a

solid and pour a taste to bring the memories back..? I’ll be on the mend from a different time!

    G                    Am          D                  Em
When time was all he had! 'fore his own brother shot him down!

Em                          G                       C
Twenty-two years ago today came back from the dead! Homecoming was short and sweet,..

Em                      Em                            G                   Am
I remember how it read! It said the war was over but the battle in me began!

                 D                    Em
Put it on my tab,.. please don’t roll me out!

       C                             G                         D                      Em
Roll me out into a world that made a monster out of me! Roll me out into a road I used walk

  F#     G             C                                        G                   C
on my own feet! Where I stare at eyes of strangers,.. and they'll never look back and see! A

                       D                         Em
light as bright as this daylight,.. come on roll me out!

Em                                        G                             Am
I swear I’ve said a million times while choking down these pills,.. That life don’t change at all

             Em                         Em                               G
for me! I change it at my will! And I’ll never feel the shiver from this girl's hand on my

          C           D                Em
knee! At least,.. maybe she,.. can roll me out!

       C                              G                              D
Roll me out into the night time; I’ll smoke whatever you got! Roll me out but don’t feel

                  Em    F#      G              C                             G
sorry at least my memory wasn’t shot! I didn’t leave the glass half empty,.. no I drank every

  C                          D                       Em
drop! In my mind I’m still standing,.. come on roll me out!

         Em                            G                            C               D
At best they'll name a park bench in my honour when I’m done! I hope I’m buried with my mama's

Em                  Em                                       G
picture and my gun! They’re the only friends that talk to me in my darkest time! That

C                           Em
darkness when they lower me down!

         C                               G                                 D
Lower me down and talk about when I was young,.. and fun,.. and wild! Lower me down and know I

              Em  F#     G             C                              G
never hurt a woman or a child! Please remember I was just like you and still knew how to

C       C               D                     Em
smile! Forget you ever had!!! to ever roll me out!

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