Live Your Life CHORDS by Bumpin Uglies

G                       D
What if the sun refused to shine

G                       C
Until the moon fell into line

G                       D
Sun soon "Moon,.. join my side

Em                       C
Embrace the day,.. forget the time"

G                     G7
Moon said "Sun,.. must I reply"

C                         Cdim
Please recall,.. I reflect your light

G          D         Em       C
Play your part,.. and I'll play mine

G                 D               G       Bm C   D
Otherwise we will freeze in endless night

G                       D
What if the tune,.. the robin brings

G                       C
Made the blue jay refuse to sing

G                       D
Blue said "Bird,.. your song is wrong

Em                       C
Heres my pitch follow along"

G                     G7
Robin replied "why all the ire..?

C                         Cdim
You are my brother from the same choir"

G          D         Em       C
Sing your part,.. and I'll sing mine

G                 D               G       Bm C   D
And together,.. we can harmonize

G                       D
What if this life,..had assigned roles

G                       C
And all of us,.. were pigeon holes

G                       D
Right is right,.. wrong is void

Em                      C
Choice a myth,.. dreams destroyed

G                     G7
On the other hand,.. freedom is rough

C                         Cdim
But aint nothing wrong long as it's done with love

G          D         Em       C
Live your life and I'll live mine

G                 D               G       Bm C   D
With any luck we can both be satisfied
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Published : 2017-07-20 11:04:04

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