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BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. They debuted on June 12, 2013 with the song "No More Dream" from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool.

기본 코드 BTS - Life Goes On

capo: 1st fret
G Gmaj7 Cmaj7 Cm
[verse (1)]
Eoneu nal sesGangi meomchwosseo
Amureon yeGmaj7godo hana eopsi
Bomeun gidaCmaj7rimeul mollaseo
Nunchi Cmeopsi wabeoryeosseo
Baljagugi Gjiwojin geori
Yeogi neomeoGmaj7jyeoinneun na
Honja Cmaj7gane sigani
MiaCmnhae maldo eopsi
[verse (2)]
OneGuldo biga naeril geot gata
Heumppeok jeojeoGmaj7beoryeonne ajikdo meomchujil ana
Jeo meokCmaj7gureumboda ppalli dallyeoga
Geureom doel jul Cmaranneundе na gyeou saraminga bwa
Mopsi Gapeune sеsangiran nomi jun gamgi
DeokGmaj7bune nulleoboneun meonji ssain doegamgi
Neomeojin chae cheonghaneun eotbakjaui chum
Gyeouri Cmomyeon naeswija deo tteugeoun sum
[pre chorus]
G  Kkeuchi boiji ana
Gmaj7  Chulguga itgin halkka
Cmaj7  Bari ttejijil Cmana ana oh
G  Jamsi du nuneul gama
Gmaj7  Yeogi nae soneul jCmaj7aba
Jeo miraero Cmdaranaja
Like an Gecho in the forest
Haruga doraoGmaj7getji
Amu ildo Cmaj7eopdan deusi
CmYeah life goes on
Like an Garrow in the blue sky
Tto haGmaj7ru deo naragaji
On my Cmaj7pillow, on my table
CmYeah life goes on
Like this aGgain
[verse (3)]
  I eumageul billyeo neoege na jeonhalge
Gmaj7  Saramdeureun marhae sesangi da byeonhaetdae
Cmaj7  mmm mmm mmm mmm
DahaengCmhido uri saineun ajik yeotae an byeonhaenne
[verse (4)]
G  Neul hadeon sijakgwa kkeut ‘annyeong’iran mallo
Gmaj7  Oneulgwa naeireul tto hamkke ieobojago
Cmaj7  Ooh Meomchwoitjiman Cmeodume sumji ma bicheun tto tteooreunikkan
[pre chorus]
GKkeuchi boiji Gmaj7ana
Chulguga itgin Cmaj7halkka
Bari ttejijil Cmana ana oh
GJamsi du nuneul Gmaj7gama
Yeogi nae soneul Cmaj7jaba (Jaba)
Jeo miraero Cmdaranaja (Oh, oh, oh)
Like an Gecho in the forest
Haruga doraoGmaj7getji
Amu ildo Cmaj7eopdan deusi
CmYeah life goes on
Like an Garrow in the blue sky
Tto haGmaj7ru deo naragaji
On my Cmaj7pillow, on my table
CmYeah life goes on
Like this aGgain
G  I remember, Gmaj7I, yeah
Cmaj7  I remember--Cm-
G  I remember, Gmaj7I, yeah
Cmaj7  I remember--Cm-

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