Boy Meets Evil CHORDS by BTS

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[Intro :]
Gm F Ebm D D
Gm F Ebm D D
Gm F Ebm D D

[Verse :]
Gm              F
  eoduwojyeo ga nae miraeui bicc
Ebm              D      D
  chigi eorin sarange ilheun kkumui gil
Gm                  F
  nae yamangui dokgi maeil kareul garaji
Ebm                        D            D
  but chameul su eopneun nae yoksime kareun mudyeojyeo
algo isseo da
i sarangeun akmaui tto dareun ireum
soneul japji ma
              D                      D
oechyeojiman jeobeoryeoji nae yangsimeul
nari galsurok neukkineun nalkaroun hyeonsildeul
hyeonsire jjijgyeo bulkge mudeun pideul
saenggak motaeji
                    D                        D
geu yoksimi jiogeul bureuneun napari doel jineun

[Pre-Chorus :]
Gm    F
      sumi chaoreugo
dwiteullin hyeonsire nun gamneun maeil bam
        D            D
ullineun bigeugui oreugol
    Gm            F
but i joereul beogien
        Ebm                          D  D
geugeol ijneun ge dangchoe pogiga andwae-eh
geu ipsuri neomu dalkomhaegie
        Gm                    F
yeonaee chwihaeseo beoryeojin mirae
          Ebm                    D
kkaeeonago bol ttaen imi sabangen jiroe
Gm                                    F
geondeuril su eopneun maeseoun juwiui siseondeul
      Ebm                D
gijeogeul oechyeo i hyeonsire
Gm            F
michidorok johaji
    Ebm            D          D
dalkomhame jungdokdoen byeongsin
Gm          F
geurae byeongsin
nohchigin silheosseo akmaui songireul

[Chorus :]
    Gm F            Ebm
Too bad but it’s too sweet
        D              D
It’s too sweet it’s too sweet
    Gm F            Ebm
Too bad but it’s too sweet
        D              D
It’s too sweet it’s too sweet

[Chorus :]
    Gm F            Ebm
Too bad but it’s too sweet
        D              D
It’s too sweet it’s too sweet
    Gm F            Ebm
Too bad but it’s too sweet
        D              D
It’s too sweet it’s too sweet

[Outro :]
It’s too evil
It’s too evil
D  D
It’s too evil
Yeah it’s evil..

D D Gm
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Published : 2017-11-04 21:45:45

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BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. They debuted on June 12, 2013 with the song "No More Dream" from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool.