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BTS, also known as the Bangtan Boys, is a seven-member South Korean boy band formed by Big Hit Entertainment. They debuted on June 12, 2013 with the song "No More Dream" from their first album 2 Cool 4 Skool.

Basic Chords BTS - Blue & Grey

capo: 6th fret
G  A  D  G
[verse (1)]
Where is my GaaaaanAgel
Haluui kkeut-eul DdeuliunG
Someone come and Gsave me, Aplease
Jichin haluui DhansumpGpun
Salamdeul-eun Gda haengboghanga Abwa
Can you look at Dme? Cuz I am blue and gGrey
Geoul-e bichGin nunmul-ui uimAineun
Us-eum-e gamchwoDjin naui saegkkal blue and gGrey
[verse (2)]
GEodiseobuteo jalmosAdwaessneunji jal moleugess-eo
Na Deolyeoseobuteo meolis-Gsog-en palansaeg mul-eumpyo
GEojjeom geulaeseo chiyeolAhage sal-assneunji moleuji
But Ddwileul dol-aboni yeogi udukeoni seoni
Naleul Gjib-eosamkyeobeolineun jeo seoseul peoleon geulimja
GYeojeonhido palansaeg mul-eumpyoneun
Gwayeon Abul-an-inji uul-inji
Eojjeom jeongmal huDhoeui dongmul-inji
Animyeon-eun Goeloum-i nah-eun nailji
GYeojeonhi moleugess-eo Aseoseul peoleon beullu
DJamsigdoeji anhgil balae chaj-eul geoGya chulgu
I just Gwanna be Ahappier
Chagaun nal Dnog-yeoGjwo
SueobGs-i naemin Anaui son
Saegkkal eobsDneun meaGli
Oh this Gground feels so Aheavier
I am singing Dby myGself
I just Gwanna be Ahappier
Igeosdo keun yogDsim-ilkGka
GChuun gyAeoul geolileul geol-eul Dttae neukkinG
Ppallajin Gsimjang-ui hoheub Asolil
DJigeumdo neukkigon Ghae
GwaenGchanhdago haji Ama
GwaenDchanhji anh-eunikGka
JeGbal honAja duji mal-a Djwo neomu aGpa
[verse (3)]
Neul Ggeodneun gilgwa neul badneun bich
But Aoneul-eun waenji nachseon scene
MudyeoDjin geolkka muneojin geolkka
GeunGde mugeobgin hada i soesdeong-in
GDagaoneun hoesaeg koppulso
ChoAjeom eobs-i nan deong-geuleoni seoiss-eo
NaDdabji anh-a i sungan
Geunyang Gmuseobjiga anh-a
[verse (4)]
Nan Ghwagsin-ilan sin ttawi an mid-eoA
Saegchae gat-eun mal-eun ganjileowoD
Neolb-eun hoesaegjidaega pyeonGhae
Yeogi sueog gaji pyojeong-ui gGrey
Biga omyeon nae sesang
I Adosi wilo chumchunda
Malg-eun Dnal-en angaeleul
Jeoj-eun nal-en hamkke neul
Yeogi Gmodeun meonjideul
Wihae chugbaeleul
I just Gwanna be Ahappier
Nae son-ui ongil DneukkyeoGjwo
TtatteuGshajiga Aanh-aseo nega deoug pil-yoDhae
Oh this Gground feels so Aheavier
I am singing Dby myGself
Meon husGnal naega usAge doemyeon
Malhalge geuDlaess-eossGdago
G  A  D  GG  A  D  GG  A  D  GG  A  D  G
Heogong-e tteoEm7doneun mal-eulD mollae juwo daGmgo naniA
Ije saeEm7byeogjam-i deuneD-----Gmaj7good nightA

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