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   E B    C#m    B   A C#m A B
oh yeaaaaah    whoaa ooh

    E             B
We had a date I stood you up

    C#m                   B
you tried to call but i didnt pick up

yeah forgot about our plans

please forgive your man

    A                           B
For ruining your night so many times

      E       B
I'm sorry I know your mad

    C#m                            B
and i dont wanna be like every other man that you've had

So im stopping all these childish things

Girl you mean to much to me

A                              B
Your love is worth to much to lose

Girl I know I broke your heart

and trusting me is really hard

    C#m                         B
but watch how quick I change my ways

         A       C#m             A   B
starting today, today, starting today oooh

I know that I'm the one to blame

you say every mans the same

    C#m                         B      
but watch how quick I change my ways

         A       C#m             A      B
starting today, today, starting today oooh

Girl Im starting today
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Published : 2017-05-25 01:20:32

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