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Trying a chord without having to shift a page
Oh her eyes, her eyes, make the stars look like they're not shining
Her hair, her hair, falls perfectly without her trying
G                                        D
She's so beautiful, and I tell her every day

I think I wanna marry you.

Oh His lips, his lips, I could kiss them all day if he’d let me
his laugh, his laugh, he hates but I think it's so sexy
G                                        D
he's so beautiful, and I tell him every day

I think I wanna marry you.

D                  G            A
beautiful girls all over the world
             D                           A
i could be chasing but my time would be wasted
                Em      A
they got nothing on you baby
    E       A
nothing on you baby

I'd catch a grenade for ya
       G                D
This one's for you and me,
       A         Bm            G      
I’d Throw my hand on a blade for ya
living out our dreams

A            Bm               G      
I'd jump in front of a train for ya
with my arms out wide
A            Bm         G
You know I'd do anything for ya
I open my eyes

   A             G                     A
Oh, no, oh I would go through all of this pain,
D             A             Bm
Take a bullet straight through my brain!

If you walk away
                A            A
Everyday it will rain, rain, ra-aa-in

D          A
ooh, ooh, ooh
Bm          A
ooh, ooh, ooh
D                A         G
Today I swear I’m not doing anything

I wanna be a billionare
D            A       G
I just wanna lay in my bed
so freaking bad

D                      A
Don't feel like picking up my phone
Bm                         G
So leave a message at the tone
D                      A       G
Cause today I swear I'm not doing anything

So what we go out,
So what we don’t sleep
We're just havin' fun
We don't care who sees
So what we go out,
That's how it's supposed to be!
   D             A       G
Livin' young, and wild, and free!

                D                   Bm
When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change
             G             A          D
Cause you're amazing, just the way you are
I think I wanna marry you.
D                      Bm
And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile
                   G         A             D
Cause you're amazing, just the way you are,
I think I wanna marry you.
                   G         A             D
Cause you're amazing, just the way you are
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Published : 2017-05-21 17:07:51

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Peter Gene Hernandez (born October 8, 1985), known professionally as Bruno Mars (/ˈmɑːrz/), is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and choreographer. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, by a family of musicians, Mars began making music at a young age and performed in various musical venues in his hometown throughout his childhood. He graduated from high school and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a musical career. After being dropped by Motown Records, Mars signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records in 2009.