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Selamat pagi kawanku apa kabar?
Senang lihat semangatmu terus terbakar
Kau tak pernah lupa dari mana kau berasal
Tetaplah kencang seperti alat vital

Respect dari semua (kau dapatkan)
Tapi kau tetap ada (dalam aliran)
Ga’ berhenti tetap jalan sampai tujuan
Sampai beat mu jadi pusat acuan

Yo’ B! I’ll give you the rhyme you give me the beat
So much to talk peast to say titz back with no repeat
Ain’t no lie some bullshit no more argument my regard
Probably means nothing just complain and dedication make complete

Jiwaku selalu mengucap salam padamu
Lirik ku adalah hentakan nafas ragaku
Bersama dengan dentuman setiap emosi instrument mu
Fade2Black and Mr. B ayo berseru!

Em Bm
Stay On The Line B! (semangat)
Stay On The Line yo’! (sahabat)
Em Bm
Stay On The Line B! (melompat)
Stay On The Line, Stay On The Line!!!!

F2B thanx to B you don’t see..?
Nothin’ better then him when his start to play the beat
No need to say please, lookin for some extra cheese
Speakin’ about the real cash, yo’ B! I wanna thanx,

This man was born with a wonderful talent
Former Funky Kopral yang dahulu pernah ngeband
I’m asking my self, ”how can he play like that..?”
Rappin’ flat with a cool track like Fade2Black

Em Bm
Stay On The Line B! (semangat)
Stay On The Line yo’! (sahabat)
Em Bm
Stay On The Line B! (melompat)
Stay On The Line, Stay On The Line!!!!

Em C

Em (Bass solo)

Em Bm
Stay On The Line B! (semangat)
Stay On The Line yo’! (sahabat)
Em Bm
Stay On The Line B! (melompat)
Stay On The Line, Stay On The Line!!!!

Em Bm
Maju bersama! (Mr. B and Fade2Black)
Dengan irama (Love and Respect)
Em Bm
Ayo semua!! (Love and Respect)
Love and Respect, Love and Respect!!!!

Yo’ Whats up my hommies?! Ain’t no big deal
Much love from me too if you know what I feel
My beat and your rhyme just like a C 4
This is where I stand and I know what friends are for

Beat beat beat (to the beat beat to the beat)
Whats up G’s lo emang pada sakit
Kuakui rima dan metaformu memang asik
Respect dari ku tak kuharap timbal balik
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Published : 2017-06-09 18:23:34

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