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[Intro:] G

[Verse 1:]

C         D       G      G7
Hear the children cryin',
Am                         G
But I know they cry not in vain.
C       D         G       G7
Now the times are changin',
Am                        G
Love has come to bloom a-gain.

[Bridge 1:]

F             C       G
Smelling the air when Spring comes by raindrops,
F             C       G
Reminds us of youthful days.
F                C    G
But now it's not rain, that water the cane crops,
But the sweat from man's brow,
The substance from our spine.
We gotta keep on living, living on borrowed time.

[Chorus 1:]

C            Am
(Hallelujah time),
             Dm                G
Yes, you can hear the children singing.
C            Am
(Hallelujah time),
          Dm             G
As they go singing by and by.

C            Am
(Hallelujah time), ooh, hallelujah,
Dm             G
Singing in the morning.
C            Am
(Hallelujah time),
               Dm             G
Let them sing, don't let them cry.

[Verse 2:]

C    D         G         G7
Over rocks and mountains,
    Am                        G
The sheep are scattered all a-round.
C    D         G       G7
Over hills and valleys,
         Am               G
They are everywhere to be found.

[Bridge 2:]

F             C       G
But though we bear our burdens now,
F       C                   G
All af-flictions got to end, somehow.
F                  C       G
From swinging the hammer, pulling the plough,
F                         Fm
Why won't you let us be, to live in harmony?
We like to be free, like birds in a tree.

[Chorus 2:]

C            Am
(Hallelujah time),
             Dm                G
Yes, you can hear the children singing.
C            Am
(Hallelujah time),
          Dm             G
As they go singing by and by.

C            Am
(Hallelujah time), ooh, hallelujah,
Dm             G
Singing in the morning.
C            Am
(Hallelujah time),
               Dm             G
Let them sing, never let them cry.

C            Am
(Hallelujah time), ooh, hallelujah,
Dm             G
Singing in the morning...
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