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C F Am

Am                              F          Am
You move it to the left and you go for yourself!

                  F     Am  C     Am
You move it to the right!!!!!yeah,.. if it takes all

Now,.. take it kinda slow,.. with a whole lot of soul!

Don't move it too fast,.. just make it last!

You know you scratch just like a monkey,.. yeah,.. you do,..
real cool,.. yeah!
You slide into The Limbo,.. yeah,.. how low can you go..?

Now,.. come on,.. baby,.. I don't want you to stumble now!

Just grove it right here to the Harlem Shuffle!

A     Am
(Yeah,.. yeah,.. yeah,.. do the Harlem shuffle!)

    Eb                   Am
Ahhh-ohhhh,.. do the Monkey Shine,.. now!

            G     Am
(Yeah,.. yeah,.. yeah,.. do the Harlem Shuffle!)


      Am      Bb Bbm

                  Bb    Gb         Bbm    Bb    Bbm
Hitch,.. Hitch-Hike,.. baby,.. across the floor!!whoa,.. whoa,..
whoa,.. I can't stand it no more!

Now,.. come on,.. baby,.. now get into your Slide!

            Bb                Bbm
You're gonna ride,.. ride,.. ride,.. do The Pony,.. ride,.. yeah!

Bb            Bbm
Shake,.. shake,.. shake it,.. shake a tail-feather,.. baby,.. ohhhh!!

Bbm                                           Bb    Bbm
Shake,.. shake,.. shake it,.. shake a tail-feather,.. baby,.. get low
down,.. ohhhh!!

Shake,.. shake,.. shake,.. do The Monkey Shine,.. baby!!
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