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[intro :]=====

Dm Dm Dm Am F

=====[verse :]=====

          Dm                 Dm
Well the devil got a hold on me

            Dm                   Am F
She got me worried, won’t let me be

            Dm    F     Em
‘cause she evil, evil, evil

G                  Dm
Evil got a hold on me

=====[verse :]=====

Well them demons calling out to me

             Dm                  Am  F
They got no mercy for a soul in need

            Dm     F     Em  D#7
‘cause they evil, evil, evil

            Dm     F     Em  G
‘cause they evil, evil, evil
Evil got a hold on me

=====[Intrumental :]=====

Dm Dm Dm Am F
Dm Dm Em D#7

Dm    F    Em   G
Evil, evil, evil, evil

Dm    F    Em   D#
Evil, evil, evil, evil

Dm    F    Em       G
Evil, evil, evil, evil …

=====[outro :]=====

Dm Dm Dm Am F
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2 chords by this band!

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