Black Pink, stylized as BLACKPINK or BLΛƆKPIИK, is a South Korean girl group formed by YG Entertainment, consisting of members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa.

Basic Chords BLACKPINK - LoveSick Girls

capo: 1st fret
DmLovesick CgirlsF----A#
DmLovesick CgirlsF----A#
[verse (1)]
Yeongwonhan bDmam
Changmun eFomneun bange uril gadun loveA#-----C-
What can we sDmay
maebeon apFado oechineun lovA#e----C-
DmDachigo manggajyeodo na
Fmwol mitgo beotineun geoya
A#Eochapi tteonamyeon sangcheotuseongin chaero miwohage doelgeoCl
DmKkeutjangeul bogi jeon
FKkeunnael sun eopseo
A#I apeumeul gidarin geotcheoreomC
[pre chorus]
Ama da A#jamkkaCniljidDmo mollFa urin mueol chaja
A# seo hemCaeneun geoDmlkka--F-
But i dA#on't care, i'llC do it over and oDmver
FNae sesang sogen nA#eoman CisseumDmyeon dwae
We are the Dmlovesick Cgirls--F--
Ne mA#eotdaero nae saDmrangeul kkCeunnael sun Feopseo
We are the Dmlovesick Cgirls--F-
I apA#eum eopsin nan Dmamu uimigaC eopseoF---
But we wereDm born to Cbe aloFne
YeahA# we were born tDmo be aloneC-----F
Yeah we werDme born toC be aloFne
But A#why we still loDmoking for Clove--F
[verse (2)]
No Dmlove letters, no Cx and o's
No lFove never, my exA#es know
No Dmdiamond rings, that Cset in stone
To the Fleft, better lefA#t alone
Didn't wanna be a Dmprincess, i'm priCceless
A prFince not even on A#my list
DmLove is a drug that Ci quit
No dFoctor could help when i'm A#lovesick
[pre chorus]
Ama da A#jamkkaniCljido Dmmolla Fulin mueol chaja
A# seo hemCaeneun geoDmlkka---F
BuranhaA#n nae nuCnbit sDmoge neFol dama
A#ApeudeorCado neomanDm isseumyeon dwae
We are the Dmlovesick Cgirls--F
Ne mA#eotdaero nae saDmrangeul kkCeunnaelF sun eopseo
We are the Dmlovesick Cgirls--F
I apA#eum eopsin nan Dmamu uimigaC eopseoF
But we wereDm born to Cbe alonFe
YeahA# we were born tDmo be aloneC-----F
Yeah we werDme born toC be aloFne
But A#why we still loDmoking for Clove---F
A#  sarangeun slippin' and fallin'
C  sarangeun killin' your darlin'
Dm  apeuda amulmyeon tto cha
Jaoneun i geop eomneCun tteollim
A# deulliji anha what you say
C  i apeumi nan haengbokae
Dm  nareul bulssanghae haneun
DmNega nae nunen deo bulssanghae
We are the A#lovesick girls
Ne meotdaero nae sarangDmeul kkeunnael sun eopsCeo
We are the A#lovesick girls
I apeum eopsin nan amu Dmuimiga eopseoC
A#Lovesick girls modu gyeolguk tteonagago
DmLovesick girls
CNae nunmuri mudyeojyeodo
A#Lovesick girls apeugo tto apado
DmLovesick girls
But we're still looking for loveA#

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