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capo: 2nd fret
Am  Dm  F  C  E
[verse (1)]
come alAmive little angel
Dooh, ooh, ooh
to this drFeam we’re all living
in the sCun, to the dEay
i’m leaving lAmove little angel
ooh, ooh, oDoh
may the sFtars lovely keep you
in this drCeam, 'til you wEake
Am   and good lord, is she reCally real?
D  got to sing, she's my lover, yeaEh
Am  and my heart isn't mCade of steel
oh, isn't mDade of steel
got the fire to the rubber, yeaEh
come aliAmve
Am  D  F  C  E
[verse (2)]
make it sAmhine little angel
ooh, ooh, oDoh
in the sFea of the evening
as thе mCoon comes to pElay
and take your tAmime, littlе angel
ooh, ooh, oDoh
stifling chaFnge to the painter
make him sCee what i sEay
Am  and good lord, is she rCeally real?
got to sDing, she's my lover, yeEah
Am  and my heart isn’t mCade of steel
oh, isn't made of stDeel
got the flame to the rubber, yeEah
come alAmive, yeah
Am  D  F  C  E  F  D


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