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Am   Asus2   Am   Asus2

Am                   Dm
I’m a lonely warrior

G               F
Trading my guns for a nice sky

Am                     Dm
I’m light as a feather

G                 F
Since I confessed to my mother

Am   Asus2   Am   Asus2

Am                    Dm
I couldn’t go further

G                 F
Wearing the boots of my father

Am                  Dm
Yes I can do better

G              Em            F
Cause my name is not Robin

Is not Robin

Am   Asus2   Am   Asus2
Am   Asus2   Am   Asus2

Am                          Dm
When we left for the summer

G              F
I wish I had that pink bicycle

Am                     Dm
Go hide from the others

G             Em               F
Paint my face like a warrior

F         Dm   G
I’m a warrior

Am   Asus2   Am   Asus2

Am                     Dm
I’m a lady in a mister

G                   F
Followed my heart and my nature

Am                    Dm
I couldn’t go further

G             Em             F
Cause my name is not Robin

F         Dm   G
I’m a warrior

Am   Asus2

Am          Dm   G
I’m a warrior

Am   Asus2   Am   Asus2

Am                           Dm
Call me lady,.. call me mister

G                         F
That mission won’t kill the warrior
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