Its All In The Movies CHORDS by Ben Haggard

                 Dmaj7                    Amaj7
They were so much in love with life,.. happy in every way!

Amaj7              D
But love the movie began with,..

D                        E7
Some how got lost in the play!

Like a fire burning out of control,..

Dmaj7                   Amaj7
We got caught up in the actor's role,..

Amaj7               D        E7                 A
And you cried on my shoulder when it came to an end!

But that's all in the movies,..

Dmaj7           Amaj7
It won't happen to us I know

Amaj7             D
That's all in the movies,..

D             E7
So baby don't cry!

              Dmaj7                   Amaj7
That's all in the movies,.. it won't happen to us I know!

Amaj7             D
That's all in the movies,..

E7                 A
Just a bad picture show!
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Published : 2017-07-20 11:14:55

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