The Pitiful Children Chords

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[Intro :] C

[Verse :]
Cm                              F
You were always quite the loser, Jeremy
Bb                      Eb
Then I invaded and you upgraded
Badababa woah
F                        Bb
Jeremy, it's true that I found you
But look around you

[Verse :]
Bb                          Ab
All your peers are just so incomple-e-ete
Bb                                    Eb
You can't see it, but they're all in pa-a-ain
Ab              G        Gm
Their operating system's obsole-e-ete
F                            G
So let's complete the chains
And get inside those brains

[Chorus :]
              Cm                Ab G
Let's save the pitiful children, woah
              Cm                Db Ab
Let's save the pitiful children, woah
            Cm              Bb            F    Ab
Let's teach the pitiful children, who just haven't a clue
Just what to do
G            Cm
He-elp them to he-e-elp you
C  Eb  Fm  Ab          G
Ah,  ah-ah ----------- yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

[Verse :]
C              Cm                F
Can you see the vision clearly, Jeremy?
      Bb            Eb
Users embracing and interfacing

[Verse :]
Bb                            Ab
Shiny, happy people singing swee-e-etly ( yeah )
Bb                        Eb
Gone is human error a-and fear
( beeb bop boo beep bop boo beep bop boo beep )
Ab                  Gm
Every issue tucked away so ne-e-eatly
F            G
If you feel their silent tears Yes,
turn that knob and switch that gear

[Chorus :]
              Cm                Ab G
Let's save the pitiful children, yeah
              Cm                Db Ab
Let's save the pitiful children, yeah
            Cm                        Bb    Ab
Let's teach the pitiful children, who just haven't a clue
Just what to do
G  F                C
He-elp them and soon this will be you

[Instrumental :]
C Cm G Gm
Cm C Bb Ab G

[Chorus :]
C                        Cm      Ab      G
Let's save the pitiful children, rab beep beep bope
              C              Cm
Let's save the pitiful children,
Db    Ab
re bop bo beep bop bo beep bop bo
                C                Bb      Ab
Let's teach the pitiful children, who haven't a clue
That's what we do
Bb                   Eb
If that's what we do

[Verse :]
Bb      Ab      Fm        Db          Ab
Then everything about us is going to be wonderful
Db      Fm              Eb
We love everything about Squips
Ab          Fm            Db      Ab
Everything about us is going to be so alive
Db        Fm                Eb
We could never live without Squips
Db                      Ab        Eb
You won't feel left out or unsure
Db                  Ab
Not pitiful children anymore
Ab        Fm      Db              Ab
Everything about us is going to be cool
Dbm  Db      Ab
When... we... rule
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Published : 2017-09-30 13:58:04

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