Dear Music CHORDS by Bart Crow Band

Em D G C
Em D G C

[Verse 1]~
              Em    D G
Woke up this morning,,

        C                G
to the sound of raindrops falling down ..

C                 G              D
another where-the-hell-am-I town ..
that we're playing ..

        Em    D G
Then I thought,,

        C              G
"How the hell did I get here..?"

     C                G               D
been another sleepless year and my hair is turning ..

     Em    D     G
But I love,, love,, love!!!


     Em    D     G
yes I love,, love,, love!!!


       Em         D     C
take my fears when I'm afraid ..

        Em       D      C
when I'm lost you find a way ..

        Em      D    C
you turn tears into a smile ..

it really drives me wild ..

                Em   D     C
So here's to the songs that I play ..

       Em       D    C
and the love that music saves ..

         Em        D     C
while the band plays Rock
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Published : 2017-07-21 01:43:47

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