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Basic Chords Badflower - Family


About this song (Family)

Badflower have not shied away from taking on difficult topics in their career. Latest song "Family" speaking about strained familial ties in the slow burning song "Family."
The track opens with a haunting vibe as the singer speaks of living in a world with "fake friends with a camera phone" while missing home.
The vocalist shares, "I hope the song inspire people to be a little more mindful of the people we love and who love us. Especially now in these insanely divided times. We could all use a reminder. Families and friendships are SO important."


chordband » Badflower » Family

capo: 1st fret
Dm F Gm Bb
Dm  taste bitter on a Fguilty tongue
Gm  it's hard to see i'm the cBbhosen one
Dm  fake friends with a Fcamera phone
Gm  ugly, drunk, cold, and Bbmissing home
this home of Bbmine, i see it in my Dmdreams
where everyone looks Chappy and everyone still Dmlikes me
this home of Bbmine, i miss it all the Dmtime
what happened to this Cfamily? what happened to this Dmfamily?
Dm  texts, calls, hugs, Fbirthday cards
Gm  being thoughtful can be Bbso hard
Dm  first fifteen years, i'm the Ffavorite son
Gm  last fifteen years, i'm the Bbhated one
this heart of Bbmine gets blacker all the Dmtime
affection makes me nCauseous, believe me, i don't Dmwant this
i hurt my blood toBbnight, i made my sisters Dmcry
i never say i Clove you, even though i Dmwant to
[post chorus]
i'm just my father's son, my mother's kid
a shitty brother, i'm nobody's friend
this is all my Bbfault, i only make you Dmcry
i don't deserve this Cfamily, you're better off witDmhout me
'cause i let you Bbdown, and i lost my fucking Dmmind
then everything got Cmessy, and everyone got Dmangry
i cursed my blood toBbnight, it happens all the Dmtime
is everyone aCgainst me? has everyone god Dmdamned me?
[post chorus]
what happened to this Bbfamily?Dm
what happened to this Cfamily?Dm
what happened to this Bbfamily?Dm
what happened to this Cfamily?Dm
Bb Dm C Dm
[pre chorus]
Bb  don't hate meDm, don't hate me
C  don't let me dDmrown
Dm  i hate goodBbbyes, so cringey i could Dmdie
we only say "i Clove you", 'cause that's what we're supDmposed to
and most families Bblie, but i meant it every Dmtime
i treat you like you're Cworthless, i never said i'm Dmperfect


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About Badflower

Badflower is an American rock band founded in Los Angeles, California. The band is composed of singer/guitarist Josh Katz, lead guitarist Joey Morrow, bass guitarist Alex Espiritu and drummer Anthony Sonetti.



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