Contagious Chords

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[Verse 1]
D/F#          G5                D5
When you're around I don't know what to do
D/F#       G5               D5
I do not think that I can wait
D/F#    G5          D5
To go over and to talk to you
D/F#       G5                D5
I do not know what I should say

    D/F#       G5
So I walk out in silence
That's when I start to realize
         D/F#       G5
What you bring to my life
D5                        A5
Damn this guy can make me cry

G5    D5    A5 B5
It's so conta-gious
G5    D5    A5       B5
I cannot get it out of my mind
G5    D5    A5 B5
It's so outra-geous
    G5      D5      F#5
You make me feel so high
all the time

[Verse 2]
D/F#       G5                D5
They all say that you're no good for me
D/F#          G5             D5
But I'm too close to turn around
D/F#       G5                   D5
I'll show them they don't know anything
D/F#          G5             D5
I think I've got you figured out

    D/F#       G5
So I walk out in silence
That's when I start to realize
         D/F#       G5
What you bring to my life
D5                         A5
Damn this guy can make me smile

G5             D5
I will give you everything
G5               D5
I will treat you right
G5          D5
If you just give me a chance
I can prove I'm right
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Published : 2017-06-10 10:56:54

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