Danger Line Chords

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Dm E G D#
Dm E Gm D#

My sixteen, locked and loaded

All fear has been avoided
You say the words and my weapon is drawn
This one could be my last time

Some people call it war crime
Gm                                     A
I may be staring down a lethal sight

( To die )
Dm                      Gm
Nothing shocks you like a bullet hole
Leaving my fear on the danger line
Suffering a man should never know
Leaving my faith on the danger line

I do this for my family

My daughter loves her daddy
Too many talk down on things they don't know
With colors never faded( 1stchords.com )

Reckless and unabated
Gm                                     A
They may take me but never take us all

( I'll crawl )
Dm                        Gm
Nothing shocks you like a bullet hole
Leaving my fear on the danger line
Suffering a man should never know
Leaving my faith on the danger line

I know what you're thinking
I've been there before
A#                F         C                      Dm
So think of the times, the time we spent laughing away
A#               F       A
So think of the times at home

A#                           F
Now I find myself in my own blood
( Never thought I'd lay in my own blood )

    C                         Dm
The damage done is far beyond repair
A#                         F
I never put my faith in up above
( Never had much faith in up above )

But now, I'm hoping someone's there

A#                                 F
I never meant to leave this world alone
C                                                Dm
I never meant to ( 1stchords.com )hurt the ones who cared
    A#                                    F
And all this time I thought we'd just grow old
You know, no one said it's fair

A#                           F
Tell my baby girl that "It's alright"
             C          Dm
I've sung my last song today
            A#                F          A
Remind the lord to leave his light on for me
I'm free

A# F C Dm
A# F A
A# F A
A# F A
A# F A
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Published : 2017-06-07 21:44:17

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