Blinded In Chains Chords

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[Solo 1]
Dm Bb Gm - F - C/E

Dm G# - Dm F#
Dm G# - Dm F#

[Solo 2]
Gm - Dm Gm - Dm Gm - Dm Bb
Gm - Dm Gm - Dm Gm - G# - G# - Gm
Gm - Dm Gm - Dm Gm - Dm Bb
Gm - Dm Gm - Dm Gm - Eb - Bb - F#

[Verse 1]
Dm                     G#
And we're at it again
I turn around another
       F#    Dm
fucking war man I don't
know where to begin but
      G#            Dm
I'll start with the radical leaders
Their steps we're following
Dm      G#       Dm
Running don't go back and
    F# Dm         G#    Dm F#
fight    too many you'll lose
( And as clowns you follow
suit behind the blood
Between the red
and white and blue
But it's too deep
for you to see
And everyone eventually
will take the step
Cause it's in sight you take
the left I'll take the right
I feel the hate you've built for
me and I say pay attention baby )

[Chorus 1]
As they thank the Lord
                Bb C
the blind can't see
Like a plague fed to
                   Bb   C
the brain deadly disease

Dm C/E F Bb Dm C/E Am Bb

[Verse 2]
Dm                   G# Dm
But it wasn't a sin    a sorry
life judging every action
And as they're feeding
your mind with this shit
You forget how to speak
how to ask all the questions
    Dm       G# Dm          F#
The business at hand tonight
Dm          G# Dm    F#
make the people choose
( I see another side in you but
there's not much more I can do
From on the outside looking
in your government is listening
To push you on the story of
immortal father mortal son
Give them your mind and all your
wealth the cycle will rebirth itself )
If they had it their
way I'd burn in hell
And your future's a fucking
disaster can't you see?
Dm                      G#
Give them all the power and your
Dm                            F#
future's in desperate trouble baby

[Chorus 1]
As they thank the Lord
                Bb C
the blind can't see
Like a plague fed to
                   Bb   C
the brain deadly disease

Dm C/E F    Bb            A
I'd run away tonight with my mind
still intact you gotta make it alright
Dm C/E F         Bb          A
Easier said than done with no place
to hide and having no place to
Dm       Bb          A       A/C#
Running away from condition I see
               Dm       Bb
you but you're running away from
      A               A/C#
Your scared seductive system

Dm C/E F Bb Dm C/E Am Bb
Dm C/E F Bb Dm C/E Am Bb

Most would claim I live
a lie ( I live a lie )
When pointing out
    F          C/E
it's easy to predict
these things
( Predict these things )
Every color has its
side ( I have my side )
    Gm            F
They live together vote and most
embrace these same dark times
Please help us
please save us
Of course they have
   F                  C/E
control we're all the same
Dm          Bb    Gm             F
Up on the cross crucified their problem
drove the nail and let Him rot
Dm          Bb      Gm
Family and friends it won't matter
F             C/E
in the end I'm sure they'll understand

[Verse 3]
Now look at the world and
F   D/F#          Gm
see how the humans bleed
As I sit up here and wonder about
how you sold your mind body and
F   Am Dm
soul   Looking at the fields so
F       D/F#               Gm
green I know this sounds obscene
I see you're living for tomorrow but
Bbm                                  F    Am
decisions you have made will leave you empty

Dm Bb - C - Bb - A

[Chorus 1]
As they thank the Lord
                Bb C
the blind can't see
Like a plague fed to
                   Bb   C
the brain deadly disease

Dm C/E F    Bb            A
I'd run away tonight with my mind
still intact you gotta make it alright
Dm C/E F         Bb          A
Easier said than done with no place
                                  Dm( hold )
to hide and having no place to - run( Growl )

[Bass Solo]

You've fallen asleep in denial
Look at the way we're dying
How it ends I'll never know
                               Dm A/C#
Just live your life blind like me
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