The Space Between CHORDS by AURI

[verse :]=====

   Gm   Dm       Gm
In your scripted play

       Dm             Cm
On the stage you call home

           Ab              Cm      F
There's no seat set for an unknown guest

Gm  Dm       Gm
Why the mean mouth

Dm       Eb
The many mirrors

      F                Gm
Those songs to end all hearing

=====[chorus :]=====

Come with me

    Ab            Cm        Bb    Cm
The vast unknown awaits for us to see

Something so deeply hidden

    Bb              Gm
Yet open before our eyes

=====[verse :]=====

          Dm       Gm
Catch the world in writing

Dm              Cm
Draft a note or three

Ab          Cm               F
Listen to a farmer sing to a field

Gm   Dm    Gm
Time for a starwalk

Dm      Eb
Time to yearn

     F         Gm
Some twists 'n turns

=====[chorus :]=====

Come with me

    Ab            Cm        Bb    Cm
The vast unknown awaits for us to see

Something so deeply hidden

Yet everscriven so

Come with me

     Ab              Cm          Bb       Cm
I'll take you to the rings, i'll take you where

             Ab              Eb       Bb    Cm
The sons and daughters of endlessness came to be

=====[solo :]=====

Cm    Ab    Cm
Cm          Ab      Bb
Cm          Ab  Eb  Bb
Cm          Ab
Gm  Bb  Cm

=====[verse :]=====

Come, sit with me

Here for a while

   Ab              Cm
Amidst the dancing skies

          F              C
They will tell what lies ahead

Cm                Dbm          Cm
Strange comforts, curious canvases,

       Ab           Cm
Front seat to history

        Ab             C
A seat for the guest unknown

=====[chorus :]=====

Come with me

    Bb             Dm       C     Dm
The vast unknown awaits for us to see

Something so deeply hidden

Yet everscriven so

Come with me

     Bb              Dm          C        Dm
I'll take you to the rings, i'll take you where

             Bb              C               Dm
The sons and daughters of endlessness came to be

=====[outro :]=====

Bb  Dm C
Dm    Bb  F
Dm    Bb  Dm C
Dm    Bb  F  C
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Published : 2018-02-25 10:17:11

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About AURI

AURI songs
Auri is a Finnish band composed of vocalist and violist Johanna Kurkela, keyboardist and backing vocalist Tuomas Holopainen, and guitarist, keyboardist and pipe player Troy Donockley.