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Ashley Lauren Monroe is an American country music singer-songwriter. She has released two solo singles on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. The singles "Satisfied" and "I Don't Want To" (which featured Brooks & Dunn singer Ronnie Dunn) reached No. 43 and No. 37, respectively.

Basic Chords Ashley Monroe - Pretty Saro

      A2                 E
When I first come to this country

  D                  A2
in Eighteen and Forty-nine

     A2          E
I saw many fair lovers

but I never saw mine

I viewed it all around me

   D            A2
saw I was quite alone

and me a poor stranger

     D             A2
and a long way from home

        A2                       E
Well,.. my true love she won’t have me

        D           A2
and it’s this I understand

       A2                 E
For she wants some free holder

and I have no land

A2           E
I couldn’t maintain her

  D          A2
on silver and gold

but all of the other fine things

       D                  A2
that my love’s house could hold

        A              E
Fare thee well to ol’ mother

         D                 A2
fare thee well to my father too

    A2              E
I am going for to ramble

this wide world all through

And when I get weary

    D            A2
I’ll sit down and cry

   E           A2
and think of my Saro

      D        A2
pretty Saro,.. my bride

       A2                    E
Well,.. I wished I was a turtle dove

   D               A2
Had wings and could fly

    A2                   E
Far away to my lover’s lodgings

  A2                 E
Tonight I’d drawn the line

   E            A2        E
And there in her lilywhite arms

   D             A2
I’d lay there all night

   E                         A2
and watch through them little wind’ers

       D          A2
for the dawning of day

has been published since 3 years ago

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