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F Dm Bb C

[Verse 1]
F            Dm            Bb            C
Since we're apart my world is sad and lonely.
F            Dm            Bb            C
Don't understand why does it cold and stormy,
  Bb        Bm          F            Dm
but I had enough let's just see how it could be.
  Bb            C          F
So what do you feel about me

[Verse 2]
F            Dm            Bb            C
How is it going what u've been thinking lately?
F            Dm      Bb        C
Do you remember how it used to be?
Bb        Bm          F            Dm
and I had enough this is not how it should be,
  Bb            C          F
then what do you feel about me

[Verse 3]
F            Dm            Bb            C
I wish you shelter and fire to keep you warm,
F            Dm            Bb        C
and more than a cozy blanket in a storm.
Bb        Bm          F            Dm
But I had enough. "Love does not come easily"
  Bb            C          F
then what do you feel about me?
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