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Ardhito Pramono (lahir di Jakarta, 22 Mei 1995) adalah seorang penyanyi dan penulis lagu asal Indonesia. Selain seorang penyanyi, Ardhito pernah menjadi seorang creative planner dan juga music director. Ia juga pernah terlibat dengan penggarapan sebuah short film dan web-series.

Basic Chords Ardhito Pramono - I Just Couldn't Save You Tonight

no capo!
[verse (1)]
Cliving with something that B7i couldn’t see
and sBmomehow fade intDernaElly
if Am7you came along way toBm7 get to know me
Cmaj7or maybe it juEmst meant to bD7e
Cmaj7come here i just foundB7 a new recipe
Bm7the flower the bricks and theE sea
Am7my intuition says Bm7you will like me
and i Cdon’t know Amwhere shouD7ld i be
Cmaj7And maybe you want to beBm a star
Am7it may seem you wanna beG in love
Cmaj7i don’t care it taking mGe apaBmrt
A7but i just couldn’tD7 save you tGonight
[verse (2)]
Cmaj7falling in love is aB7 new world for me
Bm7do you wanna be my Ecompany
forAm7 thousands and miles you wilBm7l like it in here
nCo need no anniAm7versarDy
Cmaj7And maybe you want to beBm a star
Am7it may seem you wanna beG in love
Cmaj7i don’t care it taking mGe apaBmrt
A7but i just coD7uldn’t save youEm7 toniA7ght
Ci just couldn’Amt save you toniGght
Am Cm Bm7A#m7 Am G

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Ardhito Pramono

  1. CHORDS The Bitterlove
  2. CHORDS Superstar
  3. CHORDS I Just Couldn't Save You Tonight
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