Christmas Is Here CHORDS by Anthem Lights

[Intro :] G Am C D

[Verse 1 :]
It could be oh so cold
Two feet of snow
Em                      D
Streets all covered with white
You and me
Rockefeller tree
Em              D
Magic in the air tonight

It's a wintry scene
Lights sparkly
Em              D
Snow is falling down

We're twirling and spinning
In warm woolen mittens
Em                    D
Dancing all over this town

[Chorus :]
              G    Am Em D
Cause Christmas is here oh oh oh
D            G    Am Em D
Christmas is here oh oh oh

[Verse 2 :]
It could be sun shining
Rays golden
Em                D
Laying out at the beach
We got Nat King Cole
On the radio
Em              D
Even though it's 80 degrees

Right next to me
I put up a tree
Em            D
Stick it right here in the sand
Hear all the breeze
I smell evergreen
Em                D
While I'm working hard on my tan

[Chorus :]
              G    Am Em D
Cause Christmas is here oh oh oh
D                  G    Am Em D
Cause Christmas is here oh oh oh

[Bridge :]
On the coast
In the city
    Am          Em
The mountains or valley
D            G          Am
It finds you wherever you are

Get lost in the feeling
    G          Am
The joy of the season
Em                        Am Em
Christmas is here in your heart
D                    G
Oh woah Christmas is here
Am      Em            D
You know its Christmas yeah

Candy canes gingerbread
Rudolf and Santa
Em                D
Soon to be coming along

You spend all year waiting
Em                        D
But now all the waiting is gone

[Chorus :]
              G Am Em D
Christmas is here oh oh oh
D            G    Am Em D
Christmas is here oh oh oh
D            G
Christmas is here
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Published : 2017-10-27 16:46:50

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