Christmas Is Here CHORDS by Anthem Lights

[Intro :] G Am C D

[Verse 1 :]
It could be oh so cold
Two feet of snow
Em                      D
Streets all covered with white
You and me
Rockefeller tree
Em              D
Magic in the air tonight

It's a wintry scene
Lights sparkly
Em              D
Snow is falling down

We're twirling and spinning
In warm woolen mittens
Em                    D
Dancing all over this town

[Chorus :]
              G    Am Em D
Cause Christmas is here oh oh oh
D            G    Am Em D
Christmas is here oh oh oh

[Verse 2 :]
It could be sun shining
Rays golden
Em                D
Laying out at the beach
We got Nat King Cole
On the radio
Em              D
Even though it's 80 degrees

Right next to me
I put up a tree
Em            D
Stick it right here in the sand
Hear all the breeze
I smell evergreen
Em                D
While I'm working hard on my tan

[Chorus :]
              G    Am Em D
Cause Christmas is here oh oh oh
D                  G    Am Em D
Cause Christmas is here oh oh oh

[Bridge :]
On the coast
In the city
    Am          Em
The mountains or valley
D            G          Am
It finds you wherever you are

Get lost in the feeling
    G          Am
The joy of the season
Em                        Am Em
Christmas is here in your heart
D                    G
Oh woah Christmas is here
Am      Em            D
You know its Christmas yeah

Candy canes gingerbread
Rudolf and Santa
Em                D
Soon to be coming along

You spend all year waiting
Em                        D
But now all the waiting is gone

[Chorus :]
              G Am Em D
Christmas is here oh oh oh
D            G    Am Em D
Christmas is here oh oh oh
D            G
Christmas is here
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Published : 2017-10-27 16:46:50

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Anthem Lights is an American Christian group originating from Nashville, Tennessee. The group has released one EP under their former name and six albums under their current name. The group's debut album was released May 10, 2011 by Reunion Records.