A Song Dedicated To The Memory Of Stormy The Rabbit Chords

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Released: 2007

[Verse 1]

From your face
Am             G                        F
My neighborhood has been filled brim with black cats
    Am       G            F
And when I go driving they walk in my path
All the time, every time

Am G F
Am G F
Am G F E7

[Verse 2]
Am            G             F
First we were babies, we're birthing and dying
Am          G             F
Then we were children, we're playing and crying
Am            G          F
Then we're teenagers we're smoking and fucking
Am            G            F
Now we're all grownup and we're sadly sighing
    Am          G          F
And lacking but lurking and licking our wounds
       Am       G          F
We've created by lusting and lying
To ourselves and to others

            Am G F      E7
We're sadly sigh-igh-igh-ighing
            Am G F
We're sadly sigh-igh-igh-ighing
            Am G F
We're sadly sigh-igh-igh-ighing
            Am G F
We're sadly sigh-igh-igh-ighing

    Am          G    F
And I'd like to be a big ball of meat
    Am      G      F
For bees can buzz around and eat
When I die, so I might be granted
One sense of purpose
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Published : 2017-07-05 09:06:22

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