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Alvin Martin Slaughter (born July 17, 1955) is an American gospel musician, worship leader, singer-songwriter. Slaughter is based out of New York City, where he was a member of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir until the early 1990s, when he was signed by Integrity Music and began his solo career. He has been nominated for several Dove Awards and performed on the TBN television network. He is married to Joy Slaughter.
Holy,.. holy,.. holy

Holy,.. holy,.. holy

Eb   Gm      Bb
Holy is the Lord God Almighty

Worthy to receive glory

Worthy to receive honor

Eb     Gm    Bb              Eb
Worthy to receive all our praise today

Eb,.. Ab

Db Eb  Ab Eb
Praise Him

Db Eb             Ab Eb     Eb
Praise Him and lift Him up

Db Eb   Ab Eb
Praise Him

Db Eb     Ab Eb     Eb
Exalt His name forever
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