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[Intro :]
Bbm Ab Fm Gb

[Verse 1 :]
Bbm                   Ab
A shadow is cast in my footsteps
Fm                  Gb
I think about doing what's right
'Cause in my mind I'm out of sight

[Verse 2 :]
      Bbm       Ab
But a man like me can't see you
Fm                Gb
Can't hold you for the night
'Cause I haven't been keeping my body tight

[Bridge :]
             Fm       Gb Bbm
I wager I'll come out swinging
      Ab                Fm    Gb
Yeah I wager, won't think twice
I roll the dice honey
Bbm Ab Fm    Gb      Db
Ooooh    Ooh Ooh Ooooh
Bbm Ab Fm    Gb      Db
That's right

[Verse 3 :]
    Bbm            Ab
The worst part about being homeless
    Fm                  Gb
Is waking up from a dirty wet dream
With a lap full of cum and a head full of steam

[CHORUS 1]==
|         Bbm            Ab
| And I'm stuck here in a city
|          Fm                  Gb
| Where the people all speak like pigs
|       Db
| Don't need their pity, need my country figs
|                  Fm      Gb Bbm
| And I hear drunk drivers singing
|             Ab
| As they speed to a red light
| Fm    Gb            Ab
| No brake marks mean suicide, honey
| Bbm Ab Fm    Gb   Db
| Ooooh    Ooh Ooh Oooh
| Bbm Ab Fm    Gb   Db

[Verse 4 :]
      Bbm             Ab
Got a cap full of temporary hair
       Fm             Gb
I got a chest with a vacant heart
Got a skin full of piss and one last dart

[Verse 5 :]
       Bbm       Ab
And the memory of my woman
Fm          Gb
Passing by to call my name
Don't test me girl I've got torso pain

[Bridge :]
            Fm      Gb
I might just drive a car
Bbm       Ab
Best on the lot
Fm       Gb            Ab
I speed home baby show you what I've got
          Fm       Gb
And if you won't say yes
Bbm            Ab
I'll full - tilt gain it
Fm            Gb          Ab
Right into the side of the Best and Less

[Sax Solo :]
Db Gb Db Gb
Ab Fm Gb
Bbm Ab Fm    Gb      Db
Bbm Ab Fm    Gb      Db
Bbm Ab Fm    Gb      Db
Bbm Ab Fm    Gb      Db

Bbm Ab Fm    Gb      Db
Ooooh    Ooh Ooh Oooh
Bbm Ab Fm    Gb      Db
Ooooh    Ooh Ooh Oooh

[CHORUS 2]==
|         Bbm            Ab
| Said I'm stuck here in a city
|         Fm                   Gb
| Where the people all speak like pigs
|       Db
| Don't need their penny, need my country figs
|         Bbm            Ab
| Said I'm stuck here in a city
|         Fm                   Gb
| Where the people all speak like pigs
|       Db
| Don't need their penny, need my country figs
|         Bbm            Ab
| Said I'm stuck here in a city
|         Fm                   Gb
| Where the people all speak like pigs
|       Db
| Don't need their penny, need my country figs
|       Bbm
| ( song ends on this note )
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Published : 2018-01-10 08:54:32

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