[Verse 1]
                  Am              F              Dm              E
You've got that flesh between your teeth,.. got the dirt beneath your nails
                  F                                  Dm              E
You've got that hunger in your eyes,.. the one that never seems to fail
          F                                    Dm              E
Now I can feel it when you breathe,.. I get so close I get so frail
          F                            Dm          E
No one ever gets to leave her,.. no one lives to tell the tale

[Chorus 1]
G C                A    E
Oooh,.. I'm running out of time,.. I believe
Dm  C                          E
And oooh,.. it's just a matter of time before she needs
            F  G            Am    E
To feed on me (Yah) to feed on me (Yah) x2
F                      G
I know it's killing me but have your fill of me
Am                E            F  G Am F Dm F C
I die if I let you starve. Feed on me

[Verse 2]
        Am            Em            E
Now I'm half the man I was,.. you left my bones out here to thaw
    F                            Dm            E
So when you have a minute,.. you can take the out to gnaw
            F                              D                  Em
Upon the pieces that remain and when theres no blood left to draw
        F                              Dm                E
Pour my soul into a glass so you can drink it through a straw

[Chorus 2]
G    C                  E
Oooh,.. I'm almost out of time,.. I believe
Am  Dm        C          E
Oooh,.. There's nothing left inside,.. so please proceed
            F  G              Am  E
To feed on me (Yah) to feed on me (Yah) x2
F                        G
I know it's killing me but have your fill of me
Am                E              F  G Am F Dm E
I die if I let you starve. Feed on me
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About Alec Benjamin

Alec Benjamin songs
Alec Benjamin (born 1994) is an American singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. He is known for his songs "Paper Crown", "The Water Fountain", and "End of the Summer". In addition to his solo project, Benjamin has found success in songwriting with artists such as Jon Bellion, including a feature on the track "New York Soul Pt. ii" from Jon's album The Human Condition. Alec is heavily influenced by artists such as Eminem and Paul Simon. Alec Benjamin's song "I Built A Friend" about a dying friendship with a robot, was used as backing material for a contemporary dance audition of contestant Merrick Hanna, on episode 1 of the 12th Season of America's Got Talent (May 30, 2017).