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Alec Benjamin (born 1994) is an American singer-songwriter from Phoenix, Arizona. He is known for his songs "Paper Crown", "The Water Fountain", and "End of the Summer".
[Verse 1]
                  Am              F              Dm              E
You've got that flesh between your teeth,.. got the dirt beneath your nails
                  F                                  Dm              E
You've got that hunger in your eyes,.. the one that never seems to fail
          F                                    Dm              E
Now I can feel it when you breathe,.. I get so close I get so frail
          F                            Dm          E
No one ever gets to leave her,.. no one lives to tell the tale

[Chorus 1]
G C                A    E
Oooh,.. I'm running out of time,.. I believe
Dm  C                          E
And oooh,.. it's just a matter of time before she needs
            F  G            Am    E
To feed on me (Yah) to feed on me (Yah) x2
F                      G
I know it's killing me but have your fill of me
Am                E            F  G Am F Dm F C
I die if I let you starve. Feed on me

[Verse 2]
        Am            Em            E
Now I'm half the man I was,.. you left my bones out here to thaw
    F                            Dm            E
So when you have a minute,.. you can take the out to gnaw
            F                              D                  Em
Upon the pieces that remain and when theres no blood left to draw
        F                              Dm                E
Pour my soul into a glass so you can drink it through a straw

[Chorus 2]
G    C                  E
Oooh,.. I'm almost out of time,.. I believe
Am  Dm        C          E
Oooh,.. There's nothing left inside,.. so please proceed
            F  G              Am  E
To feed on me (Yah) to feed on me (Yah) x2
F                        G
I know it's killing me but have your fill of me
Am                E              F  G Am F Dm E
I die if I let you starve. Feed on me
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