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Dm Am G (x4)

[Verse 1]

Dm    Am            G
I will never marry my love
Dm    Am                G
I will die waiting for the bells
C            G       Dm      Am
Death, come pull me underwater
C          G                   Dm
I have nothing left to fear from hell

Dm      Am          G
I was gifted at the music
Dm       Am             G
I was born the day the year was new
C            G            Dm    Am
Someone has stolen all the water
C          G                F
I keep the pills inside an urn


C      G       Dm    Am
Lord, show me my daughter
C       G            Dm
Show me her before she burned


Am G
Dm Am G

[Verse 2]

Dm    Am       G
We go walking in the hallways
Dm          Am             G
Now and then a record gives a tune
C          G             Dm      Am
Sometimes we hang from our chambers
C          G             F
Baudelaire in the afternoon


C            G      Dm      Am
The yellow rose is a stranger
C             G          Dm
The devil’s invitation in bloom


Am G
Dm Am G
Dm Am C G
Dm Am G

[Verse 3]

Dm Am                G
I stand looking at my chamber
Dm       Am                  G
There are many things upon the floor
C            G            Dm      Am
The blade is ready for the slaughter
C          G                F
The Virgin Mary hangs on the door


C      G                Dm    Am
I will arrive at death’s border
C             G            Dm
Take back the cover God has torn from me


Am G
Dm Am G

[Verse 4]

Dm      Am            G
I am at the river with baby
Dm       Am            G
Her father enters with a leap
C       G             Dm Am
Hold her head above the water
C      G                F
She is pale against the stream


C       G                Dm      Am
I am the horse beneath his daughter
C            G          Dm
He is the mountain underneath


Am G
Dm Am G
Dm G
Dm Am G
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Published : 2017-07-03 13:16:21

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Aldous Harding songs
Aldous (Hannah) Harding (born 1990) is a self-described "gothic folk" singer-songwriter from Lyttelton, New Zealand. She has been represented by independent record labels Flying Nun Records and Lyttelton Records. 4AD announced Aldous Harding as a new signing in early 2017 just prior to the release of her second album. Harding comes from a musical family: her mother is folk singer Lorina Harding, and she was discovered while busking on a street by fellow musician Anika Moa. The folk singer has also collaborated with many musicians including Marlon Williams, John Parish, Mike Hadreas[4] and Fenne Lily.